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If My Car Fails the MOT Test, How Long Do I Have to Fix It?


If My Car Fails the MOT Test, How Long Do I Have to Fix It?


What Happens When Your Car Fails Its MOT?

You just received the dreaded news: your vehicle didn't pass its MOT test. But don't worry, let's navigate this process together.

Understanding the MOT Test

First off, it's vital to understand what the MOT (Ministry of Transport) test actually entails. Conducted annually, this compulsory test checks the roadworthiness, safety, and exhaust emissions of vehicles over three years old in the UK.

The Categories of MOT Test Failure

There are several categories of failure ranging from dangerous to minor. Dangerous defects pose an immediate risk to road safety, and the vehicle cannot be driven until fixed. Major defects may affect the vehicle’s safety, put other road users at risk, or impact the environment. Both result in a fail. Minor issues pose no significant effect on safety but should be repaired as soon as possible.

Importance of MOT Test

The MOT test's importance cannot be overstated, as it ensures your vehicle's overall safety and operational capacity while maintaining environmental standards.

If My Car Fails the MOT Test, How Long Do I Have to Fix It?

Now to the crux of the matter. If your car fails its MOT, how long do you have to fix it?

Immediate Retesting

If the issues are fixed on the spot and the retest occurs within the same day, you're golden.

The "10-day Rule"

In the event that the problems require more extensive repairs, you have 10 working days to fix the issues and return for a free or discounted retest.

Risks of Not Fixing Immediately

However, remember that driving a car with an MOT failure certificate, especially if classified as 'dangerous', is illegal, unless driving to/from a pre-arranged repair appointment.

Steps to Take After Failing an MOT Test

Understand the Failures

Decipher the jargon on the failure document and understand what needs to be fixed.

Find a Reputable Garage

Take your vehicle to a reputable garage that specialises in MOT repairs.

Arrange for Repairs

Get the necessary repairs done within the stipulated timeline.

Preventing MOT Test Failures

Regular Maintenance

A well-maintained car is less likely to fail an MOT test.

Pre-MOT Checks

Perform basic pre-MOT checks to fix simple issues before the test.


In the end, dealing with an MOT failure is more straightforward than it seems. Stick to the rules, act promptly, and keep your car well-maintained to prevent future failures.


  1. What happens if my car is classified as 'dangerous'? Your car cannot be driven until it is repaired.

  2. Does the 10-day rule mean business days or calendar days? It refers to 10 working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays.

  3. Can I drive my car home after it fails an MOT? If the vehicle is deemed 'dangerous', you can't. If the previous MOT is still valid and there are no 'dangerous' faults, you can.

  4. What if I can't get the repairs done within 10 days? You can still have a retest after 10 days, but it might not be free or at a reduced rate.

  5. Can I avoid an MOT test? No, it's a legal requirement for vehicles over three years old in the UK.

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