Back in March 2022, K-Tec Racing's Managing Director, Daniel Kirk, and Master Technician, Stephen Corner visited Dubai in the UAE to tune a range of Renault's.

Thank you to Alpha Logicfor giving them the ramp space for 2 weeks whilst Stephen worked on an array of Renault Sport vehicles, and for allowing them to share their dyno room too for any tuning work that was necessary.

Below are a few of the cars that were worked on during this timeframe. 

Red Meglio

This Meglio is owned by a long-term customer. This car was actually sent over to us last year to have a series of work done including having the following fitted-

- KTR Megane 2RS and Megane 3RS 400 Turbo Kit

This kit which has been designed to offer great power at a very affordable price. We have achieved this by producing a kit which is designed to be used with the standard exhaust manifold and using an internally waste gated turbo therefore reducing the need for a tubular manifold and external waste gate.

KTR F4R/F4R-T Uprated High Flow 630cc (60lb) Fuel Injectors

These injectors are a requirement for applications in excess of 280 BHP in the Megane 2RS 225, 230, R26 and R26R models and over 320BHP in Megane 3RS 250, 265 and 275 models. 

This car also had a fully forged engine fitted before being crated back to UAE. Whilst in Dubai, Stephen mapped this car and completed some final touches ready for an upcoming track day.

Liquid Yellow Megane 3RS

This car had several upgrades whilst Stephen was out at Alpha Logic including the following - 

- KTR Megane 2RS & 3RS Sports Catalyst Downpipe

Power gains in the region of 8-10bhp can be expected with this part fitted and it will fit with all aftermarket and standard exhaust systems.

Wagner Megane 3 RS Tuning Intercooler

This intercooler is a great choice when it comes to performance gains and low intake temperatures. It features an anti-corrosion protective coating with perfect thermal heat dissipating character providing optimal cooling with clearly more power. 

KTR Megane 3 RS Induction Kit

Designed with air flow in mind, a spun aluminium inlet base to the foam filter  promotes high air speeds. The filter is surrounded with a powder coated alloy heat shield to prevent heat soak from the engine bay. Testing has shown gains of up to 11bhp and 12lbs/ft on a completely standard car as well as lowered inlet temperatures.

This car then had a full map ready for competition season.

Silver Clio 200

This car has had our KTR supercharger kit fitted, making it the very first and only supercharged 200 in the UAE! It also had our exhaust manifold and cat back system fitted before being fully mapped making over 300 flywheel horsepower on a stock engine. It made 293hp at the wheels!

- KTR Clio 3 RS Supercharger Kit

This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to Supercharge your Clio, whilst retaining the factory air conditioning. This performance kit can be installed and mapped up to 300 horsepower on the standard engine internals.

KTR Clio 3RS Exhaust Manifold

Our KTR Stainless Steel Clio 3 RS 197/200 manifold is designed as a performance upgrade and specification upgrade to replace the standard Renault unit.  Dyno testing has shown a gains of 5bhp and over 10lbs/ft or torque in the mid range.

Following the completion of this work, Stephen joined these cars owners at a track day that allowed the customers to put the cars through their paces!

We have a lot of very loyal customers in the UAE and it was a perfect opportunity for some of our team to meet them and discuss the future of K-Tec Racing in Dubai. A big thank you to the Renault community in Dubai for making the team feel so welcome.

We hope to be back out in October/November 2022 to continue our relationship with UAE customers.

Whilst out in the UAE, Daniel was able to vlog this trip. This vlog is live on our YouTube channel, check it out below - 


By Sales K-Tec
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