Alpine A110s ECU and Gearbox tune makes 303hp and 424nm


Alpine A110s ECU and Gearbox tune makes 303hp and 424nm


Alpine A110s ECU and Gearbox tune makes 303hp and 424nm


At KTEC Racing, we recently had the exhilarating opportunity to work our magic on a nearly-new Alpine A110s with a GPF model. The pristine car rolled into our workshop, completely stock and ready for a transformation that would redefine its performance on the road.

Our journey began by strapping the Alpine A110s onto our state-of-the-art 2WD Dimsport dyno, setting the stage for a series of dyno runs that would reveal the untapped potential of this impressive machine. As we pushed the car to its limits, we meticulously logged crucial parameters such as boost levels, fuel efficiency, intake temperatures, and more.

The initial findings showed that the stock power of the A110s, particularly the S model, was slightly underwhelming at 280hp. However, the torque stood strong at a healthy 376nm. Undeterred, our in-house calibration team got to work, infusing the vehicle with their expertise to unlock its true capabilities.

After the KTEC Racing touch, the results spoke volumes – a remarkable boost to 303hp and an impressive torque of 424nm. But our customization journey didn't stop there. We delved into a comprehensive TCU (transmission control unit) calibration, fine-tuning clamping pressures, shift points, and ensuring crisper, faster gear changes. Elevating the entire driving experience, we also pushed the boundaries by raising the rev limiter, extracting additional power from the top end as showcased in the graph.


Unlike some competitors who opt for generic flashes, our approach is meticulous and personalized. Each vehicle that undergoes our tuning process receives a custom calibration, ensuring optimal performance without overstressing any mechanical components.

These results far surpass those of competitors like Life110 (295hp & 380nm) or Litchfield (305hp & 415nm), placing KTEC Racing at the forefront of Alpine A110 tuning.

But that's not all. At KTEC Racing, we offer a diverse range of modifications for the entire Alpine A110 lineup, with exciting developments in the pipeline for the months ahead. Explore our collection and witness the possibilities that await your Alpine A110: Link to KTEC Racing Alpine A110 Collection

Ready to elevate your driving experience? Book your ECU and TCU calibration with us today: Link to KTEC Racing ECU and TCU Calibration If you're keen on the TCU tune as well, reach out to our team after booking to add this enhancement and truly unleash the full potential of your Alpine A110s.

By Daniel Kirk
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