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  • 2010 Renault Megane 3RS 250 Cup

    39,600 miles | 2L Forged engine | 400BHP K-Tec Racing is pleased to offer this Megane 3RS 250 Cup for sale for one of our customers. The car is well kept and heavily modified including the KTR 400 Turbo Kit.
  • 2004 Clio 182 cup race spec

    Built to the 750 Motor Club KTR Clio championship specification. The engine was rebuilt in house the end of 2022 and has only done running in on our dyno with zero race hours since the engine being rebuilt.
  • 2010 Supercharged Clio 200 Track Car

    Selling on behalf of a customer, this car and trailer package includes the vehicle, a few spares, fuel cans, car transporter trailer and extra wheels / tyres. The engine is a freshly rebuilt, forged unit with our Rotrex supercharger which last dyno’d at over 340 BHP
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