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A classic in the workshop


A classic in the workshop


We had this stunning Renault5 GT Turbo Cup car in the workshop last week, and needless to say, you guys loved it on our socials. So we thought we would give you a bit further information on the issues found with it and how these we resolved. 

The car came in for a few small jobs such as wheel bearings and a general check over, but the main reason it was in was to diagnose a gearbox issue as the car was stuck in 3rd gear.

Occasionally, the reason for this can be that one of the gear forks has snapped, however more often then not, and in this instance, it was because the lock out pin which fits through the first and second selector shaft was missing. 

This pin would not have been dislodged on it's own accord, so the reason for this now being missing would be due to a previous gearbox rebuild whereby, likely due to it's size, the pin was missed, and the gearbox was rebuilt without it being in position. 

Luckily, we found a spare lock out pin amongst our gearbox spares so were able to fix this issue without having to wait for this to be ordered. 

Other than this small detail, and impressively for its age, the gearbox itself was in great condition. You will usually fine that the teeth on the gears and selector hubs are worn, but in this case they were fine as the car has not done many miles, so it was a simple case of rebuilding the gearbox without any further work needing to be done to it. 

Re-fitting the gearbox posed its own problems, as in these cars, the engine only mounts to the subframe and not to the chassis in any way. So the engine had to be suspended and the team careful to ensure it stays balanced whilst fitting the gearbox. 

Once the gearbox was refitted, it was great to see the car back running as it should again.

Needless to say, the customer was thrilled to be able to collect his car and that our technician Jack, was so easily able to resolve this issue. 

By Sales K-Tec
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