Supercharged Clio 200 gets 300+hp - K-Tec Racing


Supercharged Clio 200 gets 300+hp


Supercharged Clio 200 gets 300+hp


Another Clio 3 RS left one of our KTEC Racing workshops after having our famous Supercharger kit installed and tuned in. 

With this having stock internals in the engine, we limit power to 300hp, this one making just over. 

This also saw some cheeky flames on the overrun which the customer loved! This kit can be pushed up to over 350hp on forged internals we also offer. 

These supercharger kits also sound so good when under acceleration. 
These kits can be shipped internationally, and are very popular in hotter countries as its the only kit on the market that retains the OEM Air Conditioning unit. 
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By Daniel Kirk
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