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When Is My Service Due?


When Is My Service Due?


When Is My Service Due? A Comprehensive Guide


So, you've got a car, a motorcycle, or maybe even a fleet of commercial vehicles, and you're scratching your head wondering, "When is my service due?" Don't worry, you're not alone. Many vehicle owners often overlook or procrastinate when it comes to regular maintenance. But why is it so crucial to know when your service is due?

Why Keeping Track of Your Service Due Date is Essential

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Have you ever skipped a dental check-up and then regretted it when you had to get a filling? It's pretty much the same with your vehicle. Regular maintenance is like a health check-up for your car—it helps catch issues before they escalate into severe problems.

How Neglecting Service Can Cost You

Think of your vehicle as a chain of dominoes. Neglect one piece, and the entire chain could topple. Ignoring your service schedule may seem cost-effective in the short term, but it could lead to more significant expenses down the line.

Signs Your Service Might Be Due

Odd Noises from the Engine

An odd noise from your engine is like a cry for help. It's your vehicle's way of saying, "Hey, I need some TLC!"

Warning Lights on Dashboard

Those lights aren't decorative; they're informational and cautionary. If a light comes on, it's a clear sign that it's time for a service check.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

If you're visiting the petrol station more often, it could be an indication that your vehicle needs servicing.

Vehicle Types and Their Service Schedules


Petrol Cars

For petrol cars, it's generally recommended to have a service every 12,000 miles or annually—whichever comes first.

Diesel Cars

Diesel cars often require service every 10,000 miles or at least once a year.


Motorcycles usually need service every 4,000 miles or every six months.

Commercial Vehicles

Due to their rigorous use, commercial vehicles may require more frequent service—often every 6,000 miles.

The Role of Mileage

Mileage-Based Services

Some services are dependent on how far your vehicle has travelled. For example, an oil change is often due every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Time-Based Services

Other maintenance tasks, like checking brake fluid or replacing belts, may be more about the age of your vehicle rather than mileage.

How to Check Your Service Due Date

Owner's Manual

Your first port of call should be your owner's manual. This handy book will have a detailed service schedule.

Online Portals

There are online tools that allow you to input your vehicle's make, model, and age to give you an estimated service due date.

Mobile Apps

Yes, there's an app for that! Some apps not only provide service due dates but even send reminders.

What Happens During a Service?

Oil Change

Just as blood flows through veins, oil flows through your engine. It's vital for lubrication and needs regular replacement.

Brake Inspection

You wouldn't want your brakes to give up when you need them most, right? A service includes a thorough brake check.

Electrical System Checks

Modern vehicles are more computer than car. Electrical system checks are essential to keep everything running smoothly.

Benefits of Regular Service

Enhanced Safety

Regular servicing ensures that all safety components, like brakes and steering, are in top condition.

Longer Vehicle Life

Just like eating well extends your lifespan, regular servicing can extend the life of your vehicle.

The Consequences of Missing Your Service Due Date

Warranty Issues

Skipping a service might void your warranty, leaving you on the hook for any repairs.

Reduced Resale Value

When selling, a full service history can significantly boost your vehicle's value.

Service Reminders

Set Up Reminders

Use your smartphone or a good old-fashioned calendar to remind you when your service is due.

Use a Service History Log

Keeping a log of past services can help you anticipate future service needs.

DIY Checks Between Services

Oil Level

Make it a habit to check your oil level monthly. It's like giving your car a quick pulse check.

Tyre Pressure

Inflating your tyres to the right pressure can improve fuel efficiency and safety.

Common Myths About Vehicle Servicing

"My Vehicle Seems Fine, So It Doesn't Need Service"

The absence of symptoms doesn't mean your vehicle is in perfect health. Regular checks are still essential.

"Any Mechanic Can Do It"

Specialised services often require certified technicians. It's not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I service my car?

The frequency of servicing depends on the type of vehicle you own and how you use it. Generally, for petrol cars, a service is recommended every 12,000 miles or annually. Diesel cars often require service every 10,000 miles or once a year. For motorcycles, it's usually every 4,000 miles or six months.

Can I perform some maintenance tasks myself?

Absolutely! Some basic tasks like checking the oil level, tyre pressure, and topping up washer fluid can be done at home. However, for more complex tasks like an oil change or brake inspection, it's best to consult a professional.

What are the essential checks during a vehicle service?

The core checks usually include oil and filter changes, brake inspections, tyre checks, and electrical system evaluations. The specifics may vary depending on your vehicle's age, type, and usage.

Is it okay to service my vehicle late?

While a slight delay may not seem like a big deal, consistently neglecting your service schedule can lead to larger issues and may even void your warranty. So, it's advisable to stick to your service dates as closely as possible.

How can I keep track of my service history?

Maintaining a service log is an excellent way to track your vehicle's history. Many people use smartphone apps designed for this purpose, but even a simple spreadsheet or notebook can serve the same function.


Knowing when your service is due is not just responsible vehicle ownership; it's a form of self-care for your vehicle. Be proactive, stick to the schedule, and your vehicle will thank you with improved performance and longevity.

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