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Can You Drive a SORN Car to MOT Without Insurance?


Can You Drive a SORN Car to MOT Without Insurance?


When it comes to car regulations in the UK, there are a few terms that can trip you up if you're not careful. One of these is SORN - Statutory Off Road Notification. The other two are MOT - Ministry of Transport test, and car insurance. But what happens when these three intersect? Specifically, can you drive a SORN car to MOT without insurance? Let's unravel this tangled web.

Understanding SORN

What is a SORN?

Statutory Off Road Notification, or SORN, is a declaration made to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) that a vehicle is not being used on the roads. This means the vehicle doesn't need to be taxed or insured.

When and why to declare a SORN?

You might declare a SORN if you plan to keep your car off the road for a considerable period. It could be due to an extensive repair job, or perhaps you're going away and don't want to pay insurance and tax for a car you're not using.

The Necessity of MOT

The Purpose of an MOT Test

An MOT test is a yearly check mandatory for cars over three years old in the UK. It assesses the vehicle's roadworthiness, ensuring the safety of you, other drivers and pedestrians.

The Consequences of Avoiding an MOT Test

If your car doesn't have a valid MOT certificate, it's illegal to drive it on public roads, except for the specific purpose of getting to a pre-booked MOT test.

The Role of Car Insurance

Importance of Car Insurance

Insurance is a legal requirement for all vehicles used or parked on public roads in the UK. It provides coverage for any damages or injuries caused by or to the vehicle.

Consequences of Driving without Insurance

Driving without valid insurance is a serious offence. It can result in hefty fines, points on your driving licence, and even vehicle seizure or destruction.

Driving a SORN Car to MOT: The Legal Aspect

The UK Law

According to the UK law, you cannot drive a SORN car on public roads, even if it's to get to an MOT test. However, there is a catch!

Exceptions to the Rule

The law provides a specific exception for driving to a pre-booked MOT test. But what about insurance? You're technically allowed to drive a SORN car to its MOT without insurance, but this can be a risky move, as we'll see next.

Risks Involved in Driving a SORN Car to MOT without Insurance

If you happen to get into an accident while driving to the MOT, you'll have no insurance coverage. This could lead to significant financial hardship, not to mention potential legal consequences.

Alternatives to Driving a SORN Car to MOT without Insurance

Instead of taking the risk, consider alternatives like arranging for a tow truck or using a professional transportation service. These services often carry their own insurance, providing you with peace of mind.


Navigating the intersection of SORN, MOT, and car insurance can be tricky. However, understanding the legal aspects and potential risks is crucial. While you can technically drive a SORN car to its MOT test without insurance, it's a risk that may not be worth taking.


  1. What is a SORN?

    • SORN stands for Statutory Off Road Notification. It's a declaration to the DVLA that your vehicle will not be used on the roads.
  2. Can I drive a SORN car to the MOT test?

    • Yes, you can, but only if the MOT test has been pre-booked.
  3. Can I drive a SORN car to the MOT test without insurance?

    • Technically, yes. But if you have an accident, you won't have insurance coverage, leading to potential financial and legal consequences.
  4. What are some alternatives to driving a SORN car to the MOT test without insurance?

    • You can consider options like using a tow truck or a professional car transportation service.
  5. What happens if I drive my car without a valid MOT?

    • It's illegal to drive a car without a valid MOT, except for the specific purpose of getting to a pre-booked MOT test. You could be fined up to £1,000.

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